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Pool Waterfalls

Nothing will give your pool a quite special look like a waterfall installed next to it. You can get a waterfall made of artificial rocks for your pool to give it the exquisite natural look.

  • Real vs. Artificial Rocks:
    You have the choice of picking either real boulder to be placed in your yard, or get an artificial rock waterfall, which are really in these days. Both have perks, the real ones are heavy, expensive as compared to artificial ones. There is no difference in the way they appear and artificial rocks are easy to maintain.
  • Waterfall Types:
    Artificial rocks come with multiple waterfall options. They go from plastic and foam to mortar and concrete. A mortar or concrete waterfall will be more durable and hence they are more popular. They can be fitted as per customization needs. You can have steps installed in them. This will require expert guidance and skills to be done successfully. A team of rock makers or company that specializes in this trade can be hired to get this job done. You can also perform the maintenance work along with minor installation of the waterfalls.
  • Customized Look:
    You will have freedom to customize the waterfall as per your style. It might require some more time because it will need extra hours of molding the rocks as per your requirements.
    Most of the artificial rocks are constructed with mixing fiber that will make it appear real and reduce their weight greatly. They are actually durable than the concrete and mortar ones and last a lot longer.
    How they are Shipped? They can be delivered to your pool with the help of a tractor trailer which will not require a lot of man power to dismount.
  • Will they fit the Pool shape?
    They can be customized to complement the look of your pool. Normally they have flat falls.
  • Average Weight:
    They usually weigh from fifty to eighty pounds.
  • Height Process:
    Installation will require a little knowledge, to make all of it fit perfectly. This sheet should flow from top to down. If you have installed them low, water will run quickly. If it is installed up high, water will not flow. It should be installed around three and half feet above the level of water line. It will flow smoothly and sound perfect. Too low, it will simply dribble and if it is too high, the splash will have everyone wet from sprinkles.


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