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Pool Lighting

Pools serve as a show of wealth; rescue you from the heat in summer and a place to hold parties. If you have proper lightning installed, there is still room for improvement. Secondary lights will not only decorate but also add an exquisite sparkle to walls and water in the pool. It will also be good for the safety of your pool during the night time. If you don’t have projectors fitted in your pool, now would be the time to get them installed.

Pool Lighting Installation and Repair

  • Decorative and Functional:
    This process is a time consuming venture. The affect light has on the surrounding areas should be considered when installing new lamps. Area next to pool usually appears better when properly lit. It can cheer up the owners and also the guests. The vibe created by them is a very relaxing place to be. Using the right design elements, you can make your pool appear happy, bright, romantic and quite. To pick the apt lights for your pool, dig into their technicalities. There are two types of pool lamps available, first being the classic one and the second are more colorful decorative shades.
  • Electricity and Water:
    Electricity and water cannot nix, so install lights with great inner isolation, mechanical problems, rust and dust. You can find the technical details in the manuals and related documentation. The IP or Protection Index of any light must be 68 at least. This number represents the resistance from rust, dust and water respectively. Ensure all wiring is sealed properly. Use as low power light systems as you can. 100 Watts should be enough to illuminate a 12 Sq meters pool and 300 Watts to illuminate a 20 Sq meters pool.
  • Designs of the Lights:
    Are you looking to add a dancing fountain of multiple shades and colors in your pool? Thanks to fiber optics, you can have a proper light show in your pool. It is an expensive method but it gives very little human safety risk. These lamps are made of fiber optics and hence are a lot less dangerous. These lamps can be placed at enough distance from the water to not come in contact with moisture. They have an incredible life span with a 150 Watts lamp living at least thirteen thousand hours on electricity.The rule to ensure beautiful and elegant lightning is that the number of lights as well as their power should be kept same in and at the sides of your pool. Outside lamps will create illumination in the background, and the lamps inside water will lighten up the surface of pool. You can add a moveable base to the outside lamps, giving the beam a rotating trajectory.


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