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Pool Heaters

When the weather is cold and the water temperature drops, you need a pool heater to keep the temperature of your pool on a normal level. It is ideal for the states of the nation that suffer fits of cold weather. A swimming pool heater will lengthen the swimming time duration for you. The kind of heater you will need to install is determined by the factors like your budget, the frequentness of pool usage, and the climate of the area. There are three main types of pool heaters, and we are going to weigh in their cons and pros.

1.The Gas-Fired Heaters:
It uses propane or natural gas as a fuel and it will effectively regulate the temperature of the pool regardless of the fluctuation in weather. A fuel fired heater can be used if gas is not the preferred choice, which will bear similar results. Although these heaters are effective, they can cost you in terms of gas bills, as Oil and Gas prices keep boosting up. If these heaters are properly maintained, they can operate effectively for over five years.

2.Electric Heaters:
This is an electricity powered heater that is not designed to produce heat; it rather captures heat from the outside environment and transfers it to the pool. It can run on high standards if the air temperature stays somewhere between 45 and 50 Fahrenheit.

Issue with this pump is the cost it beats. It comes with a price tag double to that of gas heater and usually smaller in size. It is highly cost effective as compared to gas and propane. It is durable too, and can work efficiently for 11, 12 years.

3.Solar Heaters:
This heater uses the captured heat from the sun and transfers this heat to the swimming pool to maintain the heat level. It is similar to electric heater in design and it doesn’t generate the heat, it merely transports it. It needs to be installed in a place to come in direct contact with sun to work effectively. Even though they are cost effective, their pace of heating up is slow and dependent on weather.


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