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Pool Design Types

Are you looking to create a unique pool design, other than the traditional rectangular design? There is good news for you because we have a list of four such designs that will help you create a unique, attractive and luxurious landscaped region. Here is a list of those designs.


Pool Design Types :

  • Pools with Infinite Edges:

    One of the most popular contemporary pool designs is the called “Infinite Edge Pool”. It has been specifically designed in such a way as to make the surface appear as if it is stretching away into infinity. This very unique look is achieved mostly in locations near beachfronts or hillsides. The sides in infinite edged pool are at varying heights and that creates an optical illusion as if it is stretching into distance. The pool is installed with a catch basin at the low level to recycle water back and prevent the overspill.

  • Pools with Beach Like Entry:
    This is a very creative design that has pool entries looking like a beach. Instead of having ladder or steps to climb, they design these pools with a gradual slope effect leading down from deck. These pools are an ideal choice for those who want to create appealing landscape designs. They also make it easier for the much young or very old swimmers to enter the pool.
  • The Baja Moves
    If you have plenty of space, you might want to consider the Baja steps. These steps actually surround the pool in a round shape, with around one foot depth, This set up allows the lap pool entering swimmers to enjoy a lounge without having to actually take a plunge in water. They also offer a place to rest in-between laps or simply an escape from heat without a complete swim.
  • Fountains and Waterfalls:
    Another appealing feature which has lately seen a rise in popularity is the installation of fountains and waterfalls. These two features make appealing elements to integrate into design and landscape of the pool. Some pools can place rock features alongside aqua jets or similar fountains. It can be integrated at the shallow ends of your pool to create water trickling effects.You can choose from a wide array of water features and pool designs depending on your budget. You can install the models that have been prefabricated or you can have them custom built. If you do a little research, you might be able to discover a design that matches your desires while complementing the landscape.


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