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Pool Replastering

One of our major services is the provision of re-plastering of pools. There are plenty of reasons why cracks, plaster peeling and shifting can appear in the pool walls. They are caused by no proper maintenance, setting, earth tremors etc. We are always ready to offer you help.


Why You Should Hire Out Pool Replastering:

  • Aesthetics Sense:
    The material of pool plaster happens to be fully natural and the usual procedure of re-plastering involves acid washing for removal of stains. This cannot be done a lot of times as acid will eat the plaster away and it will become a liability and expense. You might not notice the stains in daylight but once the lights go on, there will be a mess to see.
  • Structural:
    This is the most thrown around phrase when it comes to pool plastering. It is not a reality, because this means that the pool is standing even when the plaster isn’t done. Regardless, the plaster of the pool is extremely important. It goes from water proofing to stopping seepage of water into porous components of the pool.
  • Uniform Look:
    Once you get your pool re-plastered, it will be stain and spot free. There will be no marks left and the whole pool will give a uniform look. Especially at the night when you turn on the night lights.
  • Why a Professional Should Plaster Your Pool:
    People love to help themselves, and thanks to a number of DIY articles and tutorials on the web, the often try to conquer this themselves. There is nothing wrong with it, except for the fact that if wrongly done, you will be causing more harm than good. It is advised that you should avoid attempting this yourself and let a professional take care of it.
  • Age of the Pool:
    How badly a pool needs re-plastering; its age will be the determinant of that. If it was done properly the first time, it would last a while but incase or sub quality and improper plastering, it will start to wear off soon. This is where our expertise comes in as we will assess the condition of your pool and let you know if it is in immediate need of re-plastering or not.
  • Rust and Dust:
    Rust in the pool is caused by seepage of water into the wall after the pores in the metallic components of the structure start to rust. This can be seen in many of old pool floors. It usually starts at the drains, heads to the lights. It does not stop there; it goes deeper to affect the metal in the base structure of your pool. It can b fixed by re-plastering but if the trouble is bigger than that, you will need serious remodeling.

Re-plastering of your pool is a must-do process that will need to be done at sometime during its life-span. The key idea is to keep inspecting it every now and then and this will reduce the chances of suddenly finding out a big and expensive problem.


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