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Pool Interior Finishing

Finishing of the interior of your pool is very important, do you know why? It is the part that is going to protect the inner part of your pool. Whether you are doing it because of aesthetics, correct material must be chosen for it to last longer. If you pick faulty material, you will be left with draining and re-plastering of the pool which will cost a lot. It is inevitable but the frequency of its need can be greatly reduced. A neatly and nice maintained pool interior reflects and represents your personality and style. It can be a topic of discussion for the guests seated poolside. A killer interior finish will make your pool a treat for the sight.

  • Choosing the Right Plaster:
    Plaster is chosen primarily for 2 reasons; it gives a uniform and inexpensive finish. There are not many options for color choice but it is an economical and practical one. There are usually the shades of green, blue and white available. The shades of interior will be the shade of water. Plaster pools, if properly maintained, can last up to 20 plus years. You need to use balanced chemicals too.
  • Pebble Choice:
    Pebbling is also a popular choice for interior finishing. It is more durable and reliable than plaster. These are usually river pebbles which get embedded into the interior side of the swimming pool. They resist the chemicals better, and come in plenty of colors.
  • Tile Finishing:
    This is a very economic interior finishing for your pool. It is likely to last a life time for your pool. The variety of available colors is huge and more than any other choice. It resists chemicals well and gives a smooth feel. With such benefits, this choice will cost you the most.
  • Pool Interior Finishing Process:
    We are aware of all the challenges that appear in this process so we are prepared to serve when you’re ready. We will dispatch an expert to go out and help you.
  • Final Assessment:
    After the experts pay a visit, they will assess your location and pool. They will devise a plan and lay down your options for you after carefully breaking down all the requirements of the project. They will incorporate your personal style if you require. It will depend on the frequency of pool use, your budget along with the available time.
  • Final Steps:
    Once all of the assessment is done, we will lay out a schedule to begin installation of pool interior for you.


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