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Soon as you choose to get a pool installed; you embrace a responsibility that will stay with you until you sell the house. Now why would that be? A nicely maintained pool will add to the value while if you fail to look after the pool, it will slash down the market price of your house. It will not sell at the desired price. The addition of a pool is nothing less than addition to home itself. So money used on pool up-gradation and maintenance is investment that will bear fruit in the long run.

Now if you do not have any intentions of selling the home, with your stay in the house, the need to maintain, repair and remodel the pool increases with time. A well maintained pool will be a profitable investment; otherwise it is extra bills and headache.


Repairing Pool Filters

The units that depend on the age of the pool for effective functioning need regular fixing or replacement. Pool filters are one of those important parts. If the water in your pool starts becoming muddy, it is time for a filter upgrade or replacement. Chemicals used for cleaning are only 15%, while rest of the part is played by the filters. After assessment of pool, you will either need to replace the filters or the filtration media.


Repairing Pumps

It is a technical aspect that requires serious professional expertise. It can be a real pain to determine what has gone wrong with the pump and that is why wrong repair can escalate the problem and cost a lot more. That is why it is recommended to seek expert help in such a situation. You can contact our company. Sometimes problem can be as minute as the ball bearing or the air intake system. You should record and note down the sound coming your pump before contacting us. This will be needed in determining whether the pump needs fixation or replacement. If you wait for a long time, the issue might worsen and damage the entire pump. That is why we highly suggest that soon as the issue appears in your pump; contact us so that we can get it fixed for you.


Light System Repairs

This repair is usually associated with the lights installed inside the pool. Faulty lighting can be caused by a bunch of reasons. It could be because of a burned out bulb and requires replacement. There could be a need of reset in the GFCI. Or, in the worst case scenario, your whole lightning system might be in need of replacement. In a potentially dangerous situation, the water leaks into the lighting system. You can contact us immediately if there is a similar issue, we will visit your pool and locate and fix the problem. Remember; don’t ever let any electrical fault in the pool go unchecked. It could lead to accidents and possible fatalities.


Leakage of Water

If you reside in an area close to a desert or with a hot climate, you will lose more than half an inch of water each day; thanks to evaporation. There is no way of guessing the issue before an actual site assessment so once we visit, we will be able to determine what exactly are we going to repair. The equipment pool of the pool should always be dry and it will be examined. There are many climatic and constant seismic changes that keep occurring which can cause cracks in the walls. An eye should be kept to spot any of such faults to save the pool before a huge crack opens up.


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