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Pool Opening

Opening Your Pool after winters:

It is a fairly simple process, which does not need any special work or expertise. Start off at least a week before the opening to prepare it for unveiling. Here are few easy steps that you can follow:

  • Clean the debris:
    You need to clean away debris that has stacked up in the pool before opening. The cover needs to be cleaned and all the dirt, leaves and debris should be removed. Scoop them out of the pool water.
  • Remove Winter Blockages:
    To start pumping water, you will need to remove the blockages set for winter. Open the filters, suction grates, fittings etc.
  • Leveling The Water:
    Use the water if it is clean, and add an algaecide or natural enzymes for the pool. Add metal stain liquid to the water of you are using the tap or hose water.
  • Removing The Cover:
    Clean the cover of winter and stack it away nicely so that it can be used in the coming off-season. Remove any debris that has accumulated on it.
  • Hooking the filters:
    Attach the hoses properly to the valves and fit the pump to the filter. Make sure you place them in the right spots, so that water supply does not get messed up. if any is worn out, you should replace it.
  • Turning on the Pump:
    Prime your pump before turning on the pump. It shouldn’t be started dry. If the pump is installed under the ground level, it will not be needed. But if it is greater than three feet above the ground level, it needs to be primed.
  • Note:
    In the start, you might spot a number of water bubbles from the fittings. These are not something to be scared of; they will become normal in 36 hours.
  • TIP:
    You should open up through air-bleeder valves that are located on the filter tank’s top. This will make the starting of filter very easy. You might hear sounds of air gushing. Once the water squirts out, you may replace and close the valve.


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