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Pool Closing and Winterization

Most of the swimming pool owners reside in places where you cannot swim all year round. You will be forced to close down the pools eventually as the weather worsens. People consider this a hassle so they usually hire professional help. Or they delay the process till it is too late and trees have shed their leaves and snow has layered across the ground.

There are some key things to be remembered, like addition of chemicals to the pool water so that it is winter ready. Evaluate and check the filters, hoes and valves. We are going to list top 5 tips to help you close your pool properly.
Underneath the winter cover, you have to add an airpillow, which is normally 4×5 feet in width and 2 feet in thickness.

Covering the pool will keep the debris away from the pool and let the chemicals work. Water stored in the pool remains safe and does not turns into swamp water. An airpillow will protect your pool from ice and it will not accumulate. Water from the sides of the pool will be shed off, giving you an easy way to remove debris. The damage will be minimal.

Installing an air pillow can get on your nerves. Usually strings are tied from the corners, and cover will be placed over the airpillow. Sometimes you will need a lengthy pole to lift the pillow and covers. It might involve stepping into the chemical filled water, which is dangerous. If not done properly, the strings will snap, the pillow gets dislodged, and cover will tear off.

Pillow Pal is a gadget that makes pool closing easier for you. It connects the cover and pillow without any strings or ropes. You will only need to stick the blackish connecting device in the middle of the pillow. The white device can be stuck into its winter cover. The pillow should be inflated up to sixty percent, for it to last through the winter. You can then connect both of the pillow and cover. It will settle perfectly in the center and there will be no hassle for tying it. Adding water to the top are of winter cover is highly recommended and it will stop it from floating around.

When the winter is gone, you can wipe the debris, and then pump away the pool water. You can then take off the pillow and cover. Dry them both and they can be used next season.


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